Richard Gardiner 1429-1489

  (or Richard Gardener ) The Lord Mayor, born Exning, Suffolk say 1429 and died 19 December 1489, was married to Audrey Cotton, and was Auditor of London as well as Alderman of Queenhithe, 1469-79. Walbrook, 1479-85 and Bassishaw Wards, 1485-89. Sheriff of London, 1470 and Lord Mayor, London, 1478-79, Merchant Staple of Calais, Was also longtime Warden and Master of the Worshipful Company of Mercers of which he was their patron. Served as the Justice of the "Hansa Merchants of the Almaine" at ye house of "Guilda Aula Teutonicorum", and was the Master of the House, of "Hospital of St.Thomas de Acon". The headquarters of the Knights of "St Thomas of Acre". 

Alderman Richard Gardiner, Mayor Richard Gardiner, Sir William Gardiner, Ellen Tudor, Battle of Bosworth
 Richard Gardyner was chosen as the leader of the official delegation representing the City of London. Riding to the country and greeting his kinsman King Henry VII before they had even entered the gates of the walled city in September 1485. Richard Gardener and William Gardynyr were now riding in close proximity to Henry and Jasper as the procession entered into the city. Riding to St Paul's Cathedral a triumphant Henry hoisted three battle standards flanking each side of the Altar. Richard Gardynyr adorned in violet addressed commoners and guild
members alike at St Paul's Cathedral on 3rd of September 1485..

Richard Gardener, Alderman Richard Gardiner, Mayor Richard Gardiner,

Richard Gardiner was son of John and Isabelle Gardener of Exning, was known as Father of the City of London until his death in Dec, 1489.. He was proceeded in death by his first wife Elyn and his son Ralph as well as his brother William Gardynyr. Richard Gardyner was laid to rest next to his beloved Elyn at St Pancreas Church, on Soper Lane. The Alderman adding a complete wing to St Pancreas in order to construct a crypt dedicated to the resurrection of our Lord, In December 1489 our cities most beloved father Richard Gardener was laid to rest. His Will probated at Lambath in January 1490. 
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Battle of Bosworth Commander, William Gardynyr, Ellen Tudor

Alderman Gardener traded in cots-wool and general merchandise rising to master of the Mercers Guild. Gardener and his kinsman amassed great fortunes in their family businesses. Having crown monopolies on wool, tin and coal export as well as monopolies in domestic and international commercial money lending and trade. He had personally arraigned the marriage of his now widow Ethelreda (Audrey) Cotton, to friend and Battle of Bosworth commander Sir Gilbert Talbot In June 1490. The man knighted on the field at Market Bosworth with William Gardynyr on 22nd August 1485. Providing Ethelreda a sizable dowry in cash, tenements and estates. The bulk of the Alderman's estate was however left to his daughter Lady Mary Gardiner and her husband the Alderman's ward Sir Giles Alington of Horseheath. Giles and Mary (Gardener) Alington would be 14th great grand parents to both HRH King Charles III, and the King's first as wife as Prince of Wales Diana Spencer. 
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