Gardyner Family, City of London

Richard Gardyner is listed as executor of his brother William's Gardyner - Skinner, estate in 1485 other brothers and children are named.

Richard Gardiner, wife Etheldreda Cotton

  • Mary Gardyner - Wife of Sir Giles Alington, Kb

William Gardyner, wife Ellen Tudor

  • Thomas Gardyner, Prior of Tynemouth
  • Philippe Gardyner
  • Margeret Gardiner 
  • Beatrice Gardyner
  • Ann Gardyner 

Robert Gardyner,

  • Clothe Merchant, Merchant, Bury St Edmonds.
  • Alderman of Bury 1470

John Gardyner, wife Jane

  • Grocer, City of London
  • Executor of Robert Gardyner's estate

John Gardiner, St Giles Chalfont
"In his will, Richard Gardener, Alderman of Walbrook Ward, left to Etheldreda or Audria, his wife, his lands, tenements, in the parishes of St.Bartholomew the Less [near the Royal Exchange], St.Michael Queenhithe, and Holy Trinity the Less, for her life, with remainder to Mary, Lady Alington, his daughter in tail. In default of an heir he leaves the sum of ten pence 'per diem' to five poor men in honour of the five wounds of Jesus Christ, and to five poor women in honour of the five joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary;  the said men and women being nominated by the Mayor and Recorder, and by the Master of the House or Hospital of St.Thomas de Acon, in manner prescribed. The aforesaid tenements to remain to the master of the house or hospital aforesaid and his successors subject to the above charge; remainder in case of default to the Chamberlain of the City of London on like condition. Dated 1 April 1488. Proved on Monday the Feast of St. Alphege, Bishop, 19 April 1490."

William Gardiner, St Giles Chalfont

Lady Audrey Gardiner,

[ Cotton, Barton, Gardyner, Talbot ] 

Widow of Alderman Richard Gardiner marries Sir Gilbert Talbot, Knight of Garter.

Sir Gilbert Talbot KG, of Grafton, co. Worcester, Knighted on the Battlefield at Bosworth in 1485, Commander at the Battle of Stoke 1487, Deputy Captain of Calais (d. 19 Sep 1518), married at the marring place. Etheldreda Audrey Gardiner in 1491, (widow of (1) Thomas Barton and (2) Richard Gardiner, Lord Mayor of London), daughter of William Cotton, Esquire Lord of the Manor of Landwade, Cambridgeshire. Sir Gilbert was 3rd son of the Second Earl of Shrewsbury. 

Unknown - Knight & Lady

Lady Mary Gardiner,

[ Mary Gardyner, Mary Gardner, Mary Gardener ]

Daughter of Alderman Gardyner marries Sir Giles Alington, Knight of the Bath

Mary Gardiner (1473-1537)

Would be the 14th Great Grandmother to His Royal Highness Charles Prince of Wales and to the princes late
 wife Diana Spenser as well. Lady Mary would be Prime Minister Cameron's 15-Great Grandmother. Mary Gardiner died 20 April 1540 and is buried at Westley, Cambridge. 

Sir Giles Alington (1483–1522), a Knight of the Bath and twice High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, who had married Mary, daughter & heiress of Sir Richard Gardiner, (d.1489) Lord Mayor of London by his spouse Audria, daughter of William Cotton, Esquire Lord of Landwade Manor, Cambridgeshire. The Alingtons thrived under the Tudor and Stuart monarchs, and had the privilege of handing to the King his first drink at coronations. who's father, Sir William Alington was killed at Bosworth in 1485. He and his mother were made ward of Alderman Richard Gardyner in 1487 for a period of 5 years until coming of age. He then married Alderman Gardyner's only daughter Mary Gardyner in 1504.  Sir Giles Alington died 25th April 1522 and is buried at Horseheath, Cambridgeshire

London 1616

We know for Williams will Alderman Richard Gardyner was executor and his siblings are listed:

"William Gardyner - Skinner last will lists his brothers as Richard, Robert and John Gardiner, and his sisters, Maude and Alice".

"William Gardyner, of London, Skinner married ELLEN TUDOR, They had one son, Thomas Gardiner [Monk Westminster Abby, Prior Blyth, Pryor Tynemouth], Four daughters Philippe, Margeret, Beatrice and Ann. WILLIAM GARDINER - Skinner left a will dated 25th Sept. 1485, Proved 8th Oct. 1485, naming Ellen and his brother Richard Gardiner, his executors and requesting burial in the chapel on the north side of church of St. Mildred Poultry London. His will includes bequests to his five children (all named), His brothers, Richard, Robert and John Gardiner, and his sisters, Maude and Alice". (Wyllyam  Gardyner, William Gardner, Wyllyam Gardynyr, William Gardner) 

Sir Richard Gardyner was laid to rest in Old St Pancreas, Church Yard, City of London.. Destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.

  William Gardiner was laid to rest in the Bank, at St Mildred at the Poultry in 1485. Within sight of his brother Alderman Sir Richard Gardyner's grave at Old St Pancreas Church. Both destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.. The Bank is where one goes to borrow money in London.. William's grave is located in London's financial district on the Bank of the Thames River.. Just yards from the Bank of England..

William Gardyner, Robert Gardyner and John Gardiner are assigned to  Lord Mayor Richard Gardyner  as  
escheators (auditors)  by Richard III in 1478, 

19 Jan., 3 Henry VII. [a.d. 1487-8],

William Sybson,  Junior, draper, Peter Watson, draper, Thomas Eyre, grocer, Peter Watson, draper, and John Crane, "upholster," came before the Mayor and Alderman of London 19th Jan, 1487-1488 and entered into bond in the sum of 100 marks for payment into the Chamber of a like sum by the said William Sybson for the use of Thomas, Philippa, Magaret, Beatrix, and Anne children of John [ recte William ] Gardiner, when they come of age or marry.  

His  widow Ellen, married (2nd) before 1493 WILLIAM SIBSON or (SYBSON) or London, Skinner, son of William Sibson, The Elder, Citizen and draper of London. He was named in the 1499 will of his father who bequeathed him 40 marks. In the period 1486-1493 Thomas Dra****y of London, mercer sued William Sibson, of London, Skinner, and Ellen his wife in the Chancery regarding a debt for furs supplied to said Ellen. In period, 1501-1502, Peter Watson, Of London, draper and William Sybson, husband of Ellen, late wife of William Gardiner, sued the Mayor, Alderman, Sheriffs of London in Chancery on the behalf of the children of William Gardiner, to recover the portion of Williams son Thomas Gardiner who had entered Westminster Abbey.