Richard Gardiner, 1430  - 1489

Mayor, Sheriff of London, Alderman of Walbrook, Father of City of London

Exning Suffolk, London England -
Born Exning Suffolk, Laid to rest at St Pancreas on Soper Lane in London's financial district

[ or Richard Gardiner, Richard Gardener, Alderman Richard Gardiner, Mayor Richard Gardiner, Sheriff Richard Gardiner ]

Thomas Gardiner, 1479 - 1542

Kings Chaplain Son and Heir, Henry VII & VIII, Chamberlain and Master of Novices, Westminster Abby, Prior of Blyth, Appointed Prior of Tynemouth for Lyfe, Son of Sir William Gardiner and Ellen Tudor. Grandson of the Earl of Pembrook, Jasper Tudor

London, Tynemouth
Born in London and Laid to rest somewhere in the Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey, London England -

[ or Thomas Gardyner, Thomas Gardener, Prior of Tynemouth, Prior of Blyth, Monk Westminster, Chamberlain Westminster Abby, Lady Chapel, Westminster Lady Chapel, Lady Mary Boleyn Patron, Mary Boleyn,  ]

Sir William Gardiner, 1432 - 1485

Knight, Found with Richard IIIs crown at Battle of Bosworth 1485. Husband of Ellen Tudor natural daughter of the Earl of Pembrook, Jasper Tudor.

Laid to rest at The Bank, St Mildred on the Poultry in London's financial district.

[ or William Gardyner, William Gardener, William Gardiner Skinner, Wyllyam Gardyner, Wyllyam Gardynyr ]

Dr Stephen Gardiner, 1483 - 1555

Lord Chancellor, Bishop of Winchester, Lord Chancellor of England

London, Winchester,
Born Bury St. Edmonds, Laid to rest at Winchester Cathedral,

[ or Steven Gardiner, Steven Gardyner, Archbishop Stephen Gardiner, ]

Robert Gardiner, 0000 - 0000

Alderman of Bury 1473,

Bury St Edmunds, London, England -

[ or Robert Gardiner, Robert Gardyner ]

Sir Gilbert Talbot, 1452 - 1517

Deputy Governor of Calais, Commander of Henry Tudors Right Wing, Battle of Bosworth 1485. Husband of Audrey Cotton Gardiner, Widow of Alderman Richard Gardiner

Calais, London England -

[ or Gilbert Talbort ]

Sir Giles Alington, 1483 - 1522

Knight, Husband of Lady Mary Gardiner, daughter of Father of the City of London, Richard Gardiner

Parish of St Martin, Exning, Suffolk, London, England -

[ or Giles Alington, Giles Allington, Giles Arlington,  ]

Lady Mary Gardyner Alington, 1480 - 1537

Wife of Sir Giles Alington, daughter of the Father of the City of London, Sir Richard Gardiner

London, England -

[ or Mary Gardiner, Mary Gardener, Mary Alington, Mary Allington, Mary Alington Gardener, Lady Mary Gardiner, Lady Gardiner,  ]

Sir Giles Alington, 1483 - 1522 

Knight of the Bath King Henry VII, Master of Ordnance, High Sheriff Cambridgeshire, High Sheriff Huntingdonshire. Husband of Mary Gardiner heiress of the Father of the City of London, Sir Richard Gardiner.

Exning Suffolk, London England, Cambridgeshire

[ or Giles Allington, Gyles Alington, Giles Alington, Sir Giles Alington, ]

John Gardiner, 0000 - 0000


London, England -

[ or John Gardyner ]

Ellen Tudor, 0000 - 0000

Wife William Gardiner, Illegitimate Daughter of Earl of Pembroke, Jasper Tudor

London, England -

[ or Ellen Gardiner, Ellen Gardener, Helen Gardiner, Elyn Tudor, Ellen Tewdr, Ellen Sybson, Hellen Tudor, Ellen Tudor, Eleanor Tudor, Ellen Teddar, Ellen Tidder ]

George Gardiner, 1535 - 1589

Queens Chaplain, Dean of Norwich 

London, England -

[George Gardyner, George Gardener ]

Sir Christopher Gardiner, 0000 - 16XX

Knight of the Holy Suplicar,

London, England, Massachusetts, Maine

[ or Sir Christopher Gardyner, Rhyme of Sir Christopher Gardiner, ]

Luke Gardiner, 1st Viscount Mountjoy, 1745 - 1798

Viscount Treasurer of Ireland, MP Irish Parliament

London, England, Dublin Ireland
Vice Treasurer of Ireland, Banker, Property Developer,

[ or Luke Gardyner, Luke Gardener, Vicecount Mountjoy ]

Richard Neville, 1428 - 1471, Earl of Warwick

The King Maker

London, England, Calais, France
Earl of Warwick, 

[ or Richard Neville, Rychard Nevylle, Sir Richard Neville, ]

George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, 1449 - 1478

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Brother of HRH, King Edward the 4th

London, England,

January 1478 the King unfolded the charges against his brother to Parliament. He had slandered the King, had received oaths of allegiance to himself and his heirs, and had prepared for a new rebellion. Both houses of Parliament passed the bill of attainder, and the sentence of death that followed was carried out secretly in the Tower of London on Feb. 18, 1478. Soon after the event, the rumour gained ground that he had been drowned in a butt of malmsey wine.

[ Duke of Clarence, Princes in the Tower,  ]

Lady Audrey Cotton Talbot, 1454 - 1505

Wife of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Widow of the father of the City of London Sir Richard Gardyner. Mother of Lady Mary Gardiner Alington, wife of Sir Giles Alington,

London, England,

[ or Lady Audrey  Gardyner, Lady Audrey Talbot ]

Washington Walker Gardner, 1839 - 1913

Captain Washington Walker Gardner  13th Untied States Infantry - 100th United States Colored Infantry. Award honor by General Sherman "First At Vicksburg"
Rock Rapid, Iowa,

[ or Washington W Gardner, W.W. Gardner, WW Gardner, Washington Walker Gardner, First At Vicksburg, 100th USCT, 13th US Infantry, Battle of Vicksburg ]