Sir William Gardiner 1485

Battle of Bosworth 1485
  (or William Gardyner) 1432-1485 is the Knight who has been alleged by some to have delivered the mortal blow, killing King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. King Richard III was the last English King killed in Battle. Wyllyam Gardynyr, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Rhys ap Thomas and Humphrey Stanley were Knighted. The Royal Families Yeoman of the Guard, The Royal Body Guards, England's oldest military order, was formed on the battlefield that day. William Gardyner was elevated to Knight. Wyllyam Gardynyr was found with King Richards III Crown, and this has lead to generations of speculation and claims. Did a common skinner deliver the mortal blow? Had some free lance mercenary actually killed the last English King killed in battle? Did Wyllyam Gardynyr strike the King in the head with a Poleaxe when the King and his horse had become mired in a bog? [ Sir William Gardiner, Sir William Gardynynr, Sir William Gardener, Ellen Tudor, William Gardiner Battle of Bosworth ]

  When the Battlefield south of Bosworth Market was finally discovered in 2009. It wasn't high a top Albion~? The battle occurred in a low boggy area.. Not long after King Richards body after being lost for 527 years, was located and recovered from the Church of the Greyfriars in 2012. One of the most extensive forensic examinations ever undertaken, was completed by the University of Leicester. The cause of death was determined to have been a blow to the head, consistent with a Poleaxe (Gruesome Details. King Richard III's Death) and also consistent with the story of William Gardner. Thus appearing to confirm early Welsh accounts of the Battle. Tales told long before Richards body was discovered, in an era before the Internet.. The tale of Sir William, the forensic evidence collected from Richards body, and genealogical analysis documented here. Shines some new light on the death of King Richard III..

 "Rhys ap Thomas troops found Richard’s crown in the hands of William Gardyner and brought it to Henry. Henry knighted William Gardyner, Gilbert Talbot, Humphrey Stanley and Rhys ap Thomas on the battlefield as well as a number of his captains. It is to be noted that neither Thomas nor William Stanley were honoured. All present cried ‘God save King Henry’. He was then crowned with Richard’s crown – that is, the coronet from Richard’s helmet – by Thomas Stanley. Traditionally, he is said to have been crowned on the hill now known as Crown Hill, on the slopes of which the Stanley's were probably stationed when Richard was finally struck down. The hawthorn was to feature in heraldry for Henry Tudor from the beginnings of his reign." (Breverton (2014) Jasper Tudor)
  Stories many families have passed generation to generation. Tales told by my English ancestors, Traders who landed on the Welsh Tract of  West Jersey in 1682. Children's bedtime stories (Rhyme of Sir Christopher Gardyner, Harper's vol 66), Tales of Lords, Ladies, Kings, Great Battles and Better Times in England.  Have ultimately stood the test of time. Many stories lost to time in England have been rediscovered in remote parts of the empire applying modern research methods. 

The Gardiner family in the story of King Richard and the War of the Roses are often written off as common skinners at best, and even foreign mercenaries, flee-lancers or worse. The Gardyner family may have been many things. Common? Just wasn't one of them. Far from playing a minor roll in the story of King Richard III? The Gardyner family and their kinsman, appear to be one of the key players in the death of the last English King killed in battle, King Richard III.  

  William Gardyner was indeed married to Eleanor Tudor the natural daughter of the Tudor King maker, Jasper Tudor Duke of Bedford. William Gardyner appears to be the kinsman of Richard Gardyner Father of the City of London. Who was a powerful London Aldermen, Mayor and Sheriff. Alderman Richard Gardiner at the time, like his fellow Alderman? Would have been considered one of the most wealthy and powerful men on Earth.  Alderman Gardyner was selected official representative of City of London, riding out to meet newly crowned Henry VII before he entered London's city gates. I imagine Sir William Gardiner was now riding in close proximity to the New King.

  William's kinsman Alderman Gardiner was married to Audrey Cotton. Granddaughter of the highly regarded Sir William Cotton Knight, Vice Chamberlain, Keeper of the Wardrobe, Receiver to the Queen, Captain of the Guard and Protector of the Body to King Henry VI, Sir William Cotton was killed at the first Battle of Albans in 1455. (War of the Roses, Luminarium) "The Archers of the Yorkist Duke of Somerset shot at the men around the King", Killing Sir William Cotton and several others. "The King and the Duke of Buckingham were injured",.

  It must be noted only William Gardiner who was found with Richards Crown and, Gilbert Talbot, commander of the right wing of Henry Tudors army, Rhy ap Thomas and Humphrey Stanley were knighted on the field immediately after the battle. The Stanley's were left behind to clean up the scene of the battle. Alderman Richard Gardyner makes hasty arrangements for his widow Audrey Cotton to marry Henry Sevens right wing commander at Bosworth Sir Gilbert Talbot upon his death.  Most people are unaware the De Veres - Stanleys - Gardeners - Cottons had estates at Exning.   

  Most importantly and key to this story? William Gardiner's son and Jasper Tudors grandson, Thomas Gardiner is, "King's chaplain, son and heir, born in London say 1479", ( Personal Chaplin to King Henry VII and King Henry VIII ) [Chamberlain Westminster Abby, Prior Blyth, Lifetyme Appointment Pryor Tynemouth],  Thus also apparently giving us clues as to why Steven Gardyner and Germane Gardyner (as in germane to the case) enjoyed a close relationship with Henry VIII. Because they were all indeed cousins through William Gardiner and his brothers. [Battle of Bosworth, King Richard III, Sir William Gardiner, William Gardyner, Ellen Tudor, Helen Tudor, Jasper Tudor, Henry VII, Yeomen, Alderman Gardyner, Aldermen Gardyner, Wyllyam Gardynyr, Wyllyam Gardyner, Stephen Gardiner, Eleanor Tudor, King Charles III, Charles III, HRH Charles, King Charles, King of England, King of  United Kingdom, Britain, United Kingdon, UK ]

Lord John Gardiner
 The Vice Chamberlain is responsible for many things, Security and logistics of the Royal Family are but a few, He is Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard. The Royal Bodyguard. Aldermen Gardyner's wife Etheldreda "Audrey"  Cotton, was granddaughter of Sir William Cotton, Vice Chamberlain to King Henry VI. Former Vice Chamberlain and Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard and current Senior Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Lord John Gardiner, Baron of Kimble..

  As we enter the digital age and the information of past generations is uploaded, it seems to be painting a picture that has been left unfinished for many generations. We live in exciting times, my friends. Even a single forgotten document, just one seemingly unimportant piece of information now scanned to the internet? Can (should) cause us to examine everything we think we thought we knew about our history.