[BIO] Sir William Gardiner 1485, Knight

Battle of Bosworth 1485
  (or William Gardyner) 1432 - 1485 is the Knight who has been alleged by some to have delivered the mortal blow, killing King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. King Richard III was the last English King killed in Battle. Wyllyam Gardynyr, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Rhys ap Thomas and Humphrey Stanley were Knighted. 
"Rhys ap Thomas troops found Richard’s crown in the hands of William Gardyner and brought it to Henry. Henry knighted William Gardyner, Gilbert Talbot, Humphrey Stanley and Rhys ap Thomas on the battlefield as well as a number of his captains. It is to be noted that neither Thomas nor William Stanley were honoured. All present cried ‘God save King Henry’. He was then crowned with Richard’s crown – that is, the coronet from Richard’s helmet – by Thomas Stanley. Traditionally, he is said to have been crowned on the hill now known as Crown Hill, on the slopes of which the Stanley's were probably stationed. The when Richard was finally struck down. The hawthorn was to feature in heraldry for Henry Tudor from the beginnings of his reign." (Breverton (2014) Jasper Tudor)

William Gardiner - Ellen Tudor
Sir William Gardiner was married to Ellen Tudor daughter of the Earl of Pembrook, Jasper Tudor. The union produced four children. Thomas, Philippe, Margeret, Beatrice and Ann. Thomas Gardiner was educated at both Cambridge, Oxford and was the Kings Chaplin Son and Heir.,

Sir William Gardiner Last Will and Testement lists his wife Ellen and his brother Richard Gardiner and his wife Ellen as his executors.  
"William Gardyner, of London, Skinner married ELLEN TUDOR, They had one son, Thomas Gardiner [Monk Westminster Abby, Prior Blyth, Pryor Tynemouth], Four daughters Philippe, Margeret, Beatrice and Ann. WILLIAM GARDINER - Skinner left a will dated 25th Sept. 1485, Proved 8th Oct. 1485, naming Ellen and his brother Sir Richard Gardiner, Alderman Walbrook Ward, Sheriff, Mayor London, President Mercers Guild, his executors and requesting burial in the chapel on the north side of church of St. Mildred Poultry London. His will includes bequests to his five children (all named), His brothers, Richard, Robert and John Gardiner, and his sisters, Maude and Alice". 

His Siblings Are Named
  • Richard Gardiner
  • Robert Gardiner
  • John Gardiner 
  • Maude Gardiner 
  • Alice Gardiner 
His Children Are Named
  • Thomas Gardyner, King's Chaplin Son and Heir
  • Philippe Gardyner
  • Margeret Gardiner 
  • Beatrice Gardyner
  • Ann Gardyner 

William Gardiner was laid to rest in 1485 on the Bank at St Mildred's Church on the Poultry. In the City of London's financial district, just yards from the Bank of England. within sight of Alderman's Richard Gardiner's crypt at St Pancreas Church on Soper Lane, both destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. The Bank is where one goes to borrow money in London. City of London's financial district on the "bank" of the Thames river.

There has been some speculation and claims without citation over the years as to how William Gardiner died.

Claim: 'William Gardiner died of sweating sickness that he'd contracted at Market Bosworth'. Indeed their was an outbreak prior to the battle. Sir Stanley using it as an excuse to not leave with Richard III.. Also outbreaks among the soldiers returning home from the battlefield in England as well as parts of France and the Almaine.

Claim: 'William Gardiner was killed by Yorkists when leaving a Poultry Cross shop within weeks of his return to London.  The children taken by the Crown and placed with other members of the Royal family for their safety'. Their was a Yorkist plot to take revenge, and people we're killed.  Many members of the Royal Family was rounded and placed together in a few secure locations for their own protection.