Arms - Shield, William Gardiner, and Ellen Tudor

Be Yt Notid that Saint Oswyn, Kyng of Daire, in latyn written Rex Dareorum, founded furst the Monasteri of Tynmouth of Blak Monkes. And within certeyn yeres of his foundacion the Danys dystroied the said monastery, and so contynowed longe on edified, untill the tyme of the Conquerors commyng. And then Robert Mowbray, Erie of Northumberland, whiche cam in with the Conquerour, edified and founded the said Monastery of Tynmouth ageyn. And so he and hys yssue arn founders of the said monastery, of whom ys dyscendyd the right high and myghti prince, Thomas Duke oNorfolk.
ARMS.  Gules, three crowns or.
These Be The Abmes of my Lord The Priour Of Tynmouth' whose name ys Gardener. And the said Priour ys descendyd of the noble Quene Kateryn, wyfe to Kyng Henry the Vth, and doughter to Charles Kyng of France. For the said Quene Kateryn was after maryed to Owayn Teddur, by whom he had yssue Edmond Erie of Richemond, and Jasper Duke oBedford. Whiche Jasper begate a bastard doughter called Ellen, maryed Willyam Gardener, who was father to my said Lord Priour. 
able, a chevron between three bugle horns argent, stringed and mounted or.  
Be Yt Notid that Malcolyn Kyng OScotland was slayne at Andewik by Robert Mowbray, Erie oNorthumberland, and Foundour of Tynmouth. And the said Malcolyn lyeth buried in the said Monastery of Tynmouth, in the Chapiter House 
Sable, a chevron between three bugle horns argent, stringed and mounted or. /  Impalement. England, debruised by a bend sinister [untinctured], within a border azure charged with eleven martlets or.  
Be Yt Notid that the said Priour Of Tynmouth hath geven unto me, Norrey Kyng of Armes of the North parties, this pedigre and armes of his awne reporte, whiche he woll offerme at all tymes to verefy and approve before the Kyng and his Counsaill, that this pedigre is true and the armes also.
~ Sir Thomas Tonge

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