The Keys To The Kingdom

William Gardynyr - Ellen Tudor
  Luminaries of the research field in there infinite wisdom have time and again missed some of the major keys to the Battle of Bosworth and the subsequent rise of the Tudor dynasty. Seemingly unable to accept a common skinner dealt the mortal blow, has lead to hundreds of years of the most fanciful mix of unsubstantiated second hand accounts. All supported on a mountains of speculation, surrounding the events leading up to the battle of Market Bosworth and the subsequent rise of the Tudor dynasty. Magnifying minor parts of the story and attempting to discredit any scenario that does not support a biased version of events that paint Richard as anything less than a misunderstood hero. Yet still to this day are still unable to adequately explain how a rag tag band of rebels defeated a King with an army twice it's size and had laid claim the thrown of England for over a 100 years?

  In their haste have they overlooked the keys to the Kingdom if you will? The union of the House of Tudor and the Gardener family was one major key to that Kingdom, and foundation of the Tudor dynasties rise to power. The marriage of Jasper's Tudors only daughter Ellen to William the kinsman of one of the most powerful alderman in England, set the stage for a series of events the changed the course of history.

  William Gardiner wasn't just some out of place common skinner who haphazardly found his way on to the battlefield just outside Market Bosworth in 1485. The man who was then subsequently found on the field with Richards crown. William Gardyner was managing the logistics of Jasper's army as it made it's way through England.  Sir Wyllyam Gardynyr was kinsman of the Father of the City of London.

  Alderman Richard Gardiner like his peers was considered one of the most powerful and wealthy men in England. Historians like to gloss over this fact. It almost seems as if historians are also unaware that on the 3rd September 1485, William Gardeners kinsman and Father of the City of London Richard Gardener, The man who was chosen as the City of London's official representative, riding to the countryside to greet the newly crowned King before he'd even entered the city walls. Gardener and the common counsel organized the cities festivities welcoming King Henry VII to London.

King Henry VII - Aldermen Richard Gardiner - September 3rd 1485
The above lithograph of  appears to be Alderman Richard Gardener and HRH King Henry VII, was copied from a tapestry in Henry VIIs Lady Chapel and Chantry at Westminster Abbey. The son of Sir William Gardiner and Ellen Tudor, The young boy removed by the crown for his own safety. Thomas Gardener was made the head priest of King Henry VIIs Lady Chapel. At the time hailed as the most sumptuous lady chapel in all of Christendom, it was dedicated by the King Slayers son Thomas Gardener who sang it's first mass.
  The Father of the City of London Richard Gardiner and his kinsman were handling the logistics of Henry's invasion in England. Few men were better suited than Alderman Gardiner for Jasper Tudor to align with. The Alderman being justice of the Mercers Guild, Staple of England Merchant, Staple of Calais Merchant as well as Justice of the Hans Merchants of the Almaine, Aldermen Gardener had direct control of the lines communication not only through the entire realm. but to the Low Countries, France, Burgundy, Brittany and the Maine of the Holy Roman Empire. The merchants having their own mercenary army's and navy's already in service and experienced in the security and transportation of their trade merchandise stored in their own respective merceries at home and abroad. Including the mercenaries, materials and money that were all at merchant Gardiner's disposal, and the key to Henry and Jaspers victory. All of the men and logistical materials necessary to supply an army. One of the first armies on the battlefield where plunder was "not" the pay. 

  We know William Gardiner was found with Richards crown and was knighted on the field with Sir Gilbert Talbot, Rhys ap Thomas and Humphrey Stanley. Why had history has not remembered Sir William Gardynyer~? The reasons are many foremost would be the yet  fully substantiated story of William Gardiner being killed by Yorkist supporters of King Richard days before Henry's coronation HRH King Henry VII at Westminster Abbey. Causing panic, his children were ordered removed and placed in the custody of the crown with other members of the royal family for their own safety. People still wondering why the knights during the period were not clamoring to take credit for the deed? Rhy ap Thomas spoke directly to the historian Polydore Vergil and did not take credit for the deed. It was Richard Gardyner who communicated the the new King's wishes and expectations to the guilds and commoners who had made their way to St Paul's Cathedral on the day of Henry VIIs coronation at Westminster Abbey. Regicide was not ever fashionable and in the case of William Gardynyr being murdered leaving the mayden of the hoope (tavern) near the Poultry Cross on the Cheapside poignantly reminded everyone involved the battle for the total control of the realm was far from over.

  One only has to look at the logistics of the battle, and the "how" of Richard the IIIs defeat at Bosworth Market in 1485 quickly becomes apparent, even to the novice researcher. Richard's defeat wasn't a fluke or a lucky win by Henry and Jasper Tudor it wasn't even a the Stanley brothers swoop in and decide the battle story.  It was a carefully orchestrated coup d'etat that was laid out over a period of some years with great skill and cunning. Despite stories to the contrary King Richard was lead to a preplanned slaughter on a field Henry Tudor chose months before the battle.   One thing is sure. Without the support of the Alderman Gardyner, the merchants and their considerable logistical resources, Jasper Tudor and his ward may have just been footnotes in a history replete with nobles attained for treason. Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, Ellen Tudor, Ellen Teddor, Elyn Teddor, Elyn Tedor, Elyn Tudor, Sir William Gardiner, Sir William Gardynyr, John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, 13th Earl of Oxford,  Battle of Bosworth, Mercenaries Battle of Bosworth 1485, 

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